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A Comprehensive Comparison (Plus Who Each Tool Is Best Suited for) – Marketing Article

Marketers today have a lot of website optimization tools to choose from. And, while we’d love to work with every team out there, we know our web optimization platform isn’t perfect for everyone in the world. That’s why comparing us with other tools (including Hotjar and FullStory) is an important step in choosing your web optimization solution. Here’s the bottom line, in our view: Crazy Egg is the best option for intermediate and advanced marketers and conversion rate optimization (CRO)…

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Why Aren’t You A/B Testing Ways to Improve Your Website? | – Marketing Article

In January, I shared a post on Crazy Egg’s new priority as a company: our mission is to help you get better at paying attention to the people visiting your website, so you can improve their experience. We believe (and have seen firsthand) the undeniable downstream impact of placing the focus on paying attention. Paying Attention to What People are Doing Since then, we’ve spent a lot of time paying attention to the people using Crazy Egg; focusing on where…

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