Conversion Rate Optimization

How to Take Your Digital Sales to New Heights – B2B Marketing Article

Capitalizing on the Massive Potential of Social Commerce According to Statista, 2.34 billion people are on social media globally. And that number is expected to climb to 2.95 billion by 2020. So it only makes sense for e-commerce brands to put effort into reaching customers through this medium. And with your average person spending nearly two and a half hours per day on social networking and messaging platforms, there’s plenty of engagement opportunities to be had. Social commerce is brilliant…

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How to Create a Mobile-Friendly Popup in 2019 (w. Examples) – Marketing Article

To ensure all mobile SleekBoxes qualify under the “reasonable” screen space rule, we restrict the height size of ALL mobile teasers. With each new popup you create, you can rest in the knowledge that it’s user-friendly and optimized for mobile conversions. 5. Choose One of Our Conversion-Optimized Conditions If you’ve ever walked into a store only for the cashier to immediately ask you if you’re looking for something … then you know how annoying of a request it is. Yet,…

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7 Creative (On-Site) Giveaway Ideas You Can Try Today – Marketing Article

1. Collect Emails with Relevant Prizes If you’re planning a giveaway, your prize should be the first thing you decide on. After all, prizes are the main reason why people participate in giveaways. Choose a prize too common, and you won’t grab much attention. But choose a prize too big, and chances are you’ll attract freebie-seekers. As tempting as it sounds, offering a new iPhone in your giveaway will do little good for you. Why? Because attractive but irrelevant prizes…

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