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Content Marketing: Here’s a really selfish reason to properly credit your sources (plus an altruistic one) – Marketing Article

  This article was originally published in the MarketingSherpa email newsletter. The rise of digital publishing has provided a voice to anyone with a digital device and an internet connection, anywhere in the world. For brands and businesses — both massive and solopreneurs — it means the ability to publish content marketing and get the word out about your products and services directly to the customer. That’s a good thing. A powerful way to grow your company. But as publishing has…

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Content writer VS Copywriter. What’s the difference? – Marketing Article

It can be easy to mix up Copywriters and Content writers. After all, both seem to be handling the same thing, developing content! But there is a substantial difference. The two serve different marketing purposes, so you need to understand how they contrast. Content Writer A content writer is one who writes …content! A simplistic definition but it captures the fact that content writers develop a wide range of content that is essential for content marketing. The main aim of content…

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