Content Engineering

Designing Multi-Purpose Content – Story Needle – Marketing Article

Publishers can do more with content when content is able to serve more than one purpose.  This post will provide a short introduction to how to structure content so that it’s multi-purpose.  First let’s define what multi purpose means. Multi-purpose refers to when core information supports more than one content type. A content type is the structure of content relating to a specific purpose.  Each content type should have a distinct structure reflecting its unique purpose. But often certain essential…

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Where does Content Structuring Happen? – Marketing Article

Many useful approaches are available to support the structuring of content.  It’s important to understand their differences, and how they complement each other.  I want to consider content structuring in terms of a spectrum of approaches that address different priorities.  Only a few years ago most discussion about structuring content focused on the desirability of doing it.  Now we are now seeing more written about how to do it, spawning discussion around topics such as content models, design patterns, templates,…

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Redefining the Role of Content Models – Marketing Article

Content models have been around for a couple of decades. Until recently, only a handful of people interested in the guts of content management systems cared much about them.  Lately, they are gaining more attention in the information architecture and content strategy communities, in part due to Carrie Hane’s and Mike Atherton’s recent book, Designing Connected Content.  The growing attention to content models is also revealing how the concept can be interpreted in different ways as content models get mixed…

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