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The What, Why, & How of Social Bookmarking – B2B Marketing Article

As a marketer, you usually wear a lot of hats at your company. SEO expert? Check. YouTube aficionado? Check. When I was working at an agency, it was important to learn everything I could about SEO and drive results for our clients. But I was no SEO expert. In order to keep our SEO tactics competitive, I kept this SEO definitive guide bookmarked so I could come back to it whenever I was strategizing for a client’s SEO.

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How To Create Winning Co-Marketing Partnerships: What You Need To Know To Improve Your Results – Marketing Article

Need to increase marketing visibility but short on resources? No matter the size of your brand and your budget, it’s often never enough. I know from experience. While at The Economist, I had a BIG brand and a micro budget. So what did I do? I got creative with the resources I had to create win-win partnerships. While there’s no marketing free lunch, you can make your resources go further by tapping into other people’s audiences. I’m not referring to…

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