Content Curation

How to schedule and organize your curated content with publication calendar – Marketing Article

Content curation has been a powerful tool in a smart marketer’s toolkit for years at this point. The benefits of content curation are endless. Curated content takes less time to generate and publish. It builds trust and authority. It engages your audience. It connects you with influencers and big names in your industry. And, best of all, content curation brings you tangible results: qualified traffic, new leads, targeted engagement, and even more sales down the road. We’ve always been proponents of…

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Five Things to Do When Your Content Curation Efforts Isn’t Driving Any Results – Marketing Article

It is no longer news that content curation will boost your content marketing efforts. It is an excellent way of sharing useful content to your audience if you have one already. And if you don’t have an audience, it is a wonderful way of building a community around the topics you care about most. But while you’re probably finding success with content curation, others are struggling to justify the time they spend curating content. Because the time spent seems futile.…

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