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How to Get Your Guest Blog Published on Third-Party Sites that Actually Matter – Marketing Article

By now, the digital marketing world has accepted that creating high-quality content on your own website is a necessary part of building your brand online. But as more and more businesses get into the content marketing game — 87 percent of B2B businesses as of 2018 — making sure your audience actually finds the content you create has become a bigger challenge than creating great content to begin with. Guest blogging is a popular way to promote your brand’s content…

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3 Revenue Boosting Email Automation Workflows for E-commerce – Marketing Article

Email marketing automation is a game changer for e-commerce. We already know email is one of the most ROI-rich channels for online stores, and if you sent each and every email manually, you would do literally nothing else. However, with email automation, you can send timely, relevant messages that will not only boost this channel’s revenue generation power, but also create a strong relationship with your customers. Here, we discuss three email automation workflows that will earn you extra revenue.

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