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Concepts, cases and advice from those that have done it – B2B Marketing Article

After two successful webinars about the digital pivot in events, what it really means and diving deeper into successful case studies from those that have done it, this is a summary of all the best bits. This is a long post and has tips / methods / videos / interviews all revolving around the Digital Pivot for Events. Jump to the place you see fit: What is the context around the Digital Pivot? No one really knows when this global…

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A Detailed Guide on How to Launch a PPC Campaign For Your B2B Event – B2B Marketing Article

Launching a paid per click campaign is not as simple as paying an agency to do it or getting a member staff to simply spend a couple of hundred bucks on it and off they go. Before you launch a PPC campaign there are certain aspects that you need to cover, we split this into 4 key areas: Required PPC settings for your websites Required settings for your Landing Pages to guarantee PPC campaign success Required assets and materials before you launch…

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