How to Bridge Online and Offline Shopping with Text Messaging – Mobile Marketing Article

It’s no secret that eCommerce has impacted consumer shopping habits. Brands must reach customers online now in order to stay competitive. That’s not to say brick-and-mortar shopping is dead. Brick-and-mortar stores actually continue to account for 90% of annual sales. Thus, retailers should focus on ways to bridge online and offline shopping to maximize their revenue. The following points will help you better understand how text messaging can assist your brand to achieve this goal. To bring the digital and…

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Why Millenials Love Texting [Infographic] – Mobile Marketing Article

Whatever goal you have in mind for your business, be it lead generation, becoming an employer of the year, or building brand trust, you should always be aware of who your audience is. Based on that knowledge, you then have to decide how to reach them. Will it be emailing, texting, or messaging apps? Some parameters that will help you in your decision making are your audience’s education, financial situation, what hobbies they have, and, most importantly, what is their…

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How to build Successful Personalized Marketing Experiences? – B2B Marketing Experiences – B2B Marketing Article

  As marketing becomes more and more advanced, personalized marketing is critical. Personalization in marketing is real, needed and possible. It re-enforces your brand, and can mean the difference between being competitive or disappearing into oblivion. But how do you that ?   In this blog post I want to discuss a methodology and a personalization model that helps you to: segment your audience, beyond demographics and geographic link your business objectives with 1-1 personalization campaigns understand how personalization actually works   Let’s get…

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