Cart Abandonment

Top 7 Cart Abandonment Reasons–and What You Can Do About It – Email Marketing Article

Karolina Petraškienė Content Marketing Manager Reading Time: 7 minutes No matter how smart and hard retailers work to bring customers to their site and lead them throughout the shopping process, only three out of ten shopping carts will actually generate an order. That is a significant amount of lost revenue, especially if the sale winds up going to your competition. While the vast majority of retailers find shopping cart… This is only a snippet of a Email Marketing Article written…

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9 Best Email Automation Flows to Increase Ecommerce Revenue – Email Marketing Article

Sending emails manually takes a lot of effort- and as your ecommerce business grows, it’s not sustainable long term. Email automation creates opportunities where manual email marketing and newsletter blasts fall short by creating an omnipresent marketing force. Today, I’m going to go over what email automation is and how you can use it to boost your ecommerce marketing. Let’s jump in: What is Email Automation? Email automation is when you set up email campaigns to be sent either based…

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7 Ways to Increase Sales with Transactional Emails – Email Marketing Article

You have just sent your promotional newsletter to your subscriber list. There’s only an 18% chance that it will ever be opened. Actually, the open rate is often even lower. In the meantime, an automated order confirmation email is on average opened by 50% of all recipients. See what you’re missing? Looks like you need to revise your strategy. 1. What Is A Transactional Email? Transactional emails are email notifications based on customers’ or leads’ behavior and sent to the…

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