Misleading Subject Lines – Litmus Software, Inc. – Email Marketing Article

September 26, 2019 By Bettina Specht For every email you send, the subject line is one of the first points of contact with your subscribers. If it doesn’t catch your subscribers’ attention, then the chances of them opening your campaign are slim. With subject lines playing such a crucial role for the success of each email, it’s no surprise that email marketers put significant time and effort into crafting the perfect subject line. They are also the most routinely tested…

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CanSpam Best Practices for 2019 – Email Marketing Article

If you didn’t already have enough considerations as an email marketer, there’s a major one you should be aware of. Along with deliverability, email reputation, and avoiding the spam filter, you also need to consider how anti-spam laws affect you. In the EU, pretty much everyone is aware of GDPR. However, in the United States, the major email law is the CAN-SPAM act, which can force you to pay a fine of up to $42,530 if you’re not careful. To…

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