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Spring Cleaning Your Digital Life: What You Need To Do Now – Marketing Article

Does your digital life need a spring cleaning? Have your computer and other devices accumulated the digital equivalent of dust? Do these out-of-date files can reduce your efficiency? And if that’s not enough, COVID-19 and working-from-home (aka:WFH) offer more reasons to clean up, purge and organize your digital life. Why?Because a cluttered computer makes your thinking disorganized and easily distracted. Even worse, your devices can get sick too!Take it from me—my computer died and corrupted my backup drive in the…

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Campaign Monitor vs. Mailchimp vs. Omnisend – Email Marketing Article

Are you looking to get started with email marketing? Or maybe you’re looking for an alternative to Mailchimp? Finding the best email marketing service can be hard. There are many options to choose from and finding the right one is not as easy as saying: “This one is the best for all.” Depending on the kind of business you run, there are better and worse options. We want to make sure you find the right one for you. In this…

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Improve Your Email Strategy: Email Marketing Lessons from the Experts – Email Marketing Article

Article first published December 2017, updated June 2019 There’s a lot to learn when you’re entering the world of email marketing for the first time. Even though it’d be nice to know how to get a good ROI from email on the first go, it takes time and experience to learn best practices. You’ll need to understand how to best leverage email automation, write the perfect subject line, and build a quality email list. You’ll gain some insights through reading…

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