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Three Tips to Help Your B2B Content Marketing Efforts – B2B Marketing Article

As more and more B2B tech-oriented businesses turn to content marketing for their lead generation efforts and building their sales pipelines, it seems that businesses are realizing that they need to participate in developing an effective content strategy and then create the supporting content, but may not have the resources or experience to do so. In fact, according to a recent B2B Content Marketing Report authored by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, 67% of B2B marketers assessed their content…

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5 B2B Marketing Mistakes and How to Fix Them – B2B Marketing Article

Content marketing—everyone’s doing it. Or, at least, everyone is trying. Content marketing has been all the buzz over the past few years but for what it’s worth, the components that make up content marketing have been around forever. The term is just a fancy way of packaging tactics and techniques we as marketers should have been implementing all along. Understanding the importance of content marketing and how it can impact your business is only the beginning. It’s not easy, it’s…

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B2B Content Marketing Strategy and Calendar – B2B Marketing Article

Like most B2B organizations, you probably have developed a content marketing strategy (if not, time to play catch up). Without a strategic blueprint that clearly spells out how you plan to use and develop marketing content, which building blocks you already have in place and where your gaps are, you might be sabotaging your future success. And once that foundation is in place, your next steps should include creating a comprehensive marketing content calendar that details how and at what…

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