Call to Action

How to Write Your CTAs to Fit Your Campaign – Email Marketing Article

You’ve planned and created your best email campaign yet and you’re excited to hit “send.” Now, before you do, ask yourself this question, “Did I remember to include an actionable CTA?” We don’t mean a simple “buy now” CTA. If you want your CTA to be truly effective, you must know how to write your CTAs to fit your campaign. Common CTA strategies include “Buy now!” or “Visit today!” However, to make your CTA truly stand out, you need to…

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Get the most out of your calls to action – Enabler – Email Marketing Article

Half the battle of any email campaign is managing to grab your audience’s attention with engaging content, the other half is making sure you convert that attentive audience into interacting with your content. Even with high open rates, this doesn’t necessarily mean you are really engaging with your audience. It is quite common to see low conversion rates when emails aren’t centred around getting the customer to focus their attention towards a particular call to action. Every day we receive…

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