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Regift Your Content: 8 Reasons to Repurpose B2B Assets – B2B Marketing Article

When SiriusDecisions reported in 2015 that content marketers were wasting “tens of millions of dollars a year” on the 60% to 70% of content created by B2B marketing teams that never gets used, the industry took notice. The news spread quickly, and the stat appeared in blog posts and infographics all over the place. But what have we done about it since then? We simply can’t keep up with the growing demand for content if we’re creating everything net-new, and…

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5 Tips to Drive More Readers to Your Blog – B2B Marketing Article

Blog posts are a popular tactic with B2B marketers and buyers. It’s no surprise that blog posts keep appearing as a top choice in our annual Content Preferences Survey Report. In our latest report, 24% of respondents said blog posts are the most valuable type of content, and 60% said blog posts are most valuable in the early stages of their buying process. The report also found that buyers like the blog format because they don’t have lots of time…

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