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How Can Small Businesses Use Big Data? – B2B Marketing Article

Data is now easier to collect and cheaper to host, making it accessible to nearly every business. The availability of data helps small businesses compete against big corporations, but they may still struggle to use that data in practical ways. Three ways small businesses can use big data to grow include checking on credit data about your business, monitoring supply chain data, and keeping an eye on artificial intelligence and automation innovations. The correlation between the availability of actionable big data and…

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Tableau, Looker, and Origami Logic Acquisitions Show Analytics Is In Fashion – B2B Marketing Article

One of the unwritten laws of punditry is that one event is random, two events are interesting, and three events make a trend. By that measure, the purchases of data analytics vendors Looker by Google, Tableau by Salesforce, and Origami Logic by Intuit within a three week span must signify something. Is it that martech suites must now include business intelligence software? I think not. Even though the acquired products were fairly similar, each of these deals had a different…

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