How Will Brexit Change Email Marketing Norms – Email Marketing Article

The last day of January is when we will leave the EU. It is, whatever your wishes, a momentous day, not only politically, but many suggest there might be a threat to business interests, including email marketing. When the EU signs off the Withdrawal Agreement there will be an interval that has been called the Transition Period. From a political point of view there will be significant change. The UK will not be represented at the EU. We will have no…

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Business Sirens: Why we can expect to hear more from Big Business – B2B Marketing Article

Posted on 25th June 2018 by Claire Mason A UK Government Minister has publicly criticised corporates that are threatening to pull out of Britain over Brexit, branding last week’s comments by Airbus “completely inappropriate.” In an unprecedented move, the public was urged to stop our ears and ignore the “siren voices” of multinational employers making public interventions in politics. But are these siren voices an inappropriate distraction, or are business leaders sounding a valuable note of warning, a lighthouse steering…

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