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How to Market a Price Cut the Right Way – Marketing Article

COVID-19 hasn’t just affected the supply chain; it’s slashed demand as well. As businesses look for surefire ways to attract customers, many are turning to the oldest method in the book: cutting prices. If your costs have recently been lowered through a new purchasing strategy or increased competition among suppliers, a price cut may be the way to go. Not all price cuts, however, are created equal. For a price cut to be effective, you must market it properly. Marketing effectively…

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A call to arms for marketers during Coronavirus – Email Marketing Article

Your business needs you! A recent survey of marketers by eConsultancy highlighted that marketers are currently in shock, many of which have pressed the pause button on progress. But is this really the right approach? This short term hesitation may have an impact on the long term success of businesses.  Just because the world is in crisis, doesn’t mean you should abandon your customer now. The way a brand behaves now will have a marked impact on how it is perceived…

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3 Email Trends That Will Dominate 2018 – Email Marketing Article

Is your email marketing as competitive as it could be for your industry? Find out what email innovations companies will be using in 2018 and how you can leverage them to boost your email marketing results.

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