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Brand Identity Failures & Successes – B2B Marketing Article

One of my most anticipated emails comes from Brand New Weekly, which provides insightful critique of recent brand identity designs. The majority of their creative reviews consists of well-conceived before-and-after logo face lifts, but when some fall flat, they’re not afraid to mock or ridicule. Here are a couple recent comparisons and one new logo that I’ve selected and graded. Nature’s Bakery: A Image from Brand New Nature’s Bakery’s new logo and packaging brings a smile to my face and…

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My Big, Fat Greek Branding Strategy — 3 Tips for Lead Generation – B2B Marketing Article

When creating a strategic marketing plan, it is easy to focus on the bottom line. Lead generation and nurturing are important because properly managing sales leads is the only true way to attribute marketing efforts to business success. However, an iconic line from the 2002 box office hit “My Big, Fat Greek Wedding” is echoing in my mind today. “Let me tell you something, Toula: The man is the head, but the woman is the neck, and she can turn…

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