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5 of the Best Resources for Female Entrepreneurs – Marketing Article

Here’s a no brainer: Being an entrepreneur is hard. But facing all the challenges of entrepreneurship as a woman? The task can sometimes feel insurmountable. It’s common knowledge that female-run businesses aren’t as broadly supported as male-owned companies; they get less venture funding, and even receive less money when getting business loans. But on a more positive note, there isn’t a better time to be a female entrepreneur. Resources abound to build your business, better your professional self, and find…

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5 Online-to-Offline Retail Innovations Reviving the Store – Marketing Article

The current consensus in the retail industry is that, despite falling in-store sales, 2019 will not mark the death of the physical store. Instead, it will coexist happily with a digital ecosystem, serving as an addition and extension to services such as online ordering and in-store pickup, bookings and services, store location and others. While much retail analysis is focused on investing in digital commerce, delivery, and fulfillment, often at the expense of physical retail sales, there is a way…

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Smart homes: B2B’s new bête noire? – B2B Marketing Article

Posted on 20th September 2018 by Fiona Buckley The smart connected home is almost a reality, as I discovered on a recent visit to Unruly’s connected home experience. From augmented reality shopping options for home furnishings at the touch of a button, voice activated shopbots giving food and wine pairings, cocktail recipes, to state of the art heart, health, and sleep monitors, air quality assessments, and everything in between, there’s no denying the extraordinary capabilities of our future homes. Whether…

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