Future Ready? The Future Needs a Hero – Marketing Article

My friend Nick Davis leads innovation and customer experience at Reaching the Future Faster and faculty chair for corporate innovation at Singularity University. Late in 2019, Nick and I were talking about his upcoming book, “Future Ready: A Changemaker’s Guide to the Exponential Revolution.” When I read the draft, I immediately had an idea for a foreword. We agreed. My request was that I could share it here with upon release. Future Ready is a how-to guide for changemakers who are…

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Not About Halloween – UnMarketing – Marketing Article

298: Not About Halloween by Scott Stratten Subscribe on iTunesGoogle PlayRSS Feed In today’s episode, we’re opening up a new segment: Jackass of the Week! We also talk about a new UTK logo; an upcoming live event; how Facebook violated product placement guidelines; and what people really think about casual workplaces. All this and a reminder that this episode is NOT about Halloween! Click to Listen Other topics include: [00:00:00.00]Emma Sponsorship Mention [00:00:05.13]Intro [00:00:32.23]It’s Not About Halloween [00:03:03.16]10 Easy Steps…

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Rehumanize Your Business By Building Relationships Through Video – Email Marketing Article

    With smartphones, social media, and chatbots, it may seem like we’re more connected than ever before – instantly, constantly, and digitally. And yet we feel as disconnected and lonely as ever. On average, we have fewer social contacts and meaningful relationships than we’d like; we don’t feel known and understood. The result: we’re more sick and stressed than we should be. Longitudinal studies (like this one at Harvard) and meta analyses (like this one at UNC Chapel Hill)…

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