BombBomb Integration Launches On The Salesforce Appexchange – Email Marketing Article

Optimizing your team’s processes by using the Salesforce Cloud CRM Platform is a great step toward increasing productivity. But how do you help your team stand out amongst the competition? By making better connections while adding efficiency into your process with BombBomb Video. It is the perfect complement to your team’s Salesforce Lightning Experience. Below are some examples of how the BombBomb integration can help you and your team win by: Adding Efficiency To Your Sales Process Tracking Customer Interactions…

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Creating An Extraordinary Customer Experience With Video – Email Marketing Article

Do you ever consider how your customer experience affects your brand? Chances are, even with the best, there’s room to improve the most essential part of your business. Studies show that the experience your company provides is even a crucial form of marketing, preferred by customers over content or mobile ads.  So how do you enhance the experience your company offers or build the right foundation to start? By creating meaningful connections with anyone interacting with your brand–something you can…

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