Using Content to Convert MSP Buyers – B2B Marketing Article

Managed service providers (MSPs) often find themselves in this dilemma — a business prospect listens to your proposed plan of how to manage their system, and they seem to agree with it. However, when they heard how much it would cost them, they forgot all the problems and pains they’d mentioned earlier. So poof! There goes your prospect! This scenario, however, is not uncommon because a lot of SMBs are still skeptical about managed services. They might have a myriad…

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Cold Call Scripts That Land Meetings with MSP Buyers [Free Download] – B2B Marketing Article

Managed IT providers know that they need to reach out to both IT and non IT decision makers to gain new customers. That’s because IT purchases are increasingly being decided not only by multiple people, but also across multiple business functions. These trends highlight the critical role that targeted, one-on-one outreach plays in selling MSP solutions, and cold calling remains one of the best tools for the job. That’s why we recently released a downloadable eBook that contains sample call…

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