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Best Email Marketing with Regular Data Enhancement – Email Marketing Article

Today minimalism has become trendy. Tidying though has just become even trendier. With Marie Kondo’s book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and now her hit TV show on Netflix, she is making tidying a priority for many of us. There’s something to be said about applying her tidying principles to your business. You can use her methods to develop the best email marketing strategy. Marketers need to embrace the less-is-more mindset and develop best practices that promote engagement-driving…

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Grow Revenue With BigData Analytics for Sales & Marketing – B2B Marketing Article

The Sales & Marketing Problem How do I proactively identify sales leads? How do I discover timely upsell & cross-sell opportunities? How do I generate more inbound leads? How do I beat competition? What can I do to maintain accurate data in CRM? The Solution: ProspectR Data-as-a-Service Cloud Proprietary global company database and contact profiles, including the largest enterprise coverage for NA, EMEA & APJ Discover ideal buyer profile by leveraging our proprietary global company & contacts database Trace sales…

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Why Data Needs To Back Your Marketing Campaigns – B2B Marketing Article

The present state of the market is highly competitive—especially in the B2B space. This is the reason why collecting and analyzing competitive intelligence has become vital for businesses, regardless of their size. Competitive intelligence is  the process of identifying, gathering and analyzing relevant information such as products and customers of the target market competitors. This enables businesses to create campaigns and take out competition by making strategic data-backed decisions. The secret to effective campaigns – Competitive intelligence Competitive intelligence refers…

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