behavior based personalization

When B2B Personalization is Too Hard to Implement – B2B Marketing Article

I had a conversation several weeks ago with a large data company, discussing behavior based personalization. The VP of Marketing heard me out for a few minutes, and then said “Woah, wait a minute. So it’s personalization? I already have that.” So I said “Oh, how’s that going? What are you seeing?” And he said, “Well, we haven’t turned it on yet.” As it turns out, getting the technology they purchased in their integrated suite to work is harder than…

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The Challenge of B2B Personalization – B2B Marketing Article

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve had 147 conversations with B2B marketing leaders. These aren’t sales calls. I’m not pitching anything. They’re conversations about the issues that are top of mind for these professionals. I guide these discussions with questions around areas we’re interested in but the main goal is to get a sense of the market. It turns out that personalization is a top of mind issue. B2B Personalization isn’t easy. B2B Personalization is hard. One thing that…

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