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The 4 Key Listening Habits of Exceptionally Great Salespeople – B2B Marketing Article

To Sell Greatly, a salesperson has to be relationship first. And the most important skill in building strong, enduring relationships is the ability to be a good listener. Ironically, most of us are terrible listeners. It’s like we completely understand the importance of listening well, but we just can’t bring ourselves to actually do it consistently. Luckily for you, becoming a better listener is something you can absolutely become good at, and in doing so become a great salesperson. Here…

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Teaching Your Millennial Salesforce How To Sell Greatly – B2B Marketing Article

We’ve all heard, and maybe experienced, the Millennials’ challenge with face-to-face, interpersonal communication. Sure they can text and converse on social media but “they don’t answer their phones” and “they can’t hold a conversation in person.” Which begs the question, how will their style of communication hold up in the world of sales, which depends so much on interpersonal relationships and the soft skills that make that possible? Let’s face it, people buy from people. And more importantly, what can…

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Why Content Marketers Are Failing to Sell Greatly – B2B Marketing Article

Every year the Content Marketing Institute publishes a seminal report on the state of the Content Marketing Industry. This year, we thought we’d share it but through the lens of sales prospecting and using content to Sell Greatly. Content Marketing Still Focused on The Top of The Funnel. Few content marketers report they use it successfully on activities that deepen relationships. There have, however, been notable year-over-year (YOY) increases in those who us it to nurture, build loyalty, and generate…

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