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What is Experiential Marketing and How Can B2B Companies Leverage It – Marketing Article

Customers today have full control over what, when, why, and how they interact with brands and purchase products. As more companies are producing a proliferation of offers and bland advertising messages, people have become more desensitized and cynical about the general mindless consumerism.  Mature organizations that have cozied up to their customers in the past with traditional marketing channels are now facing a downright breakdown. The marketing strategies of yesterday are rendered useless — today the modern customer can tune…

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How to Use Inbound vs Outbound Marketing [Complete Guide] – Marketing Article

Should I use inbound or outbound marketing? The short answer to that question is usually “both”. Not a very helpful answer to a marketer working on a strategy to maximize ROI. With every marketing dollar carrying the heavy tax of justifying its spending to management, you simply can’t shoot in all directions hoping to hit a lead. Where do you find that balance between outbound and inbound marketing to maximize and grow the flow of leads? What should you consider…

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