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What to do if your event registrations become stagnant? 8 contingency actions you must take immediately – B2B Marketing Article

Your event has been launched, everyone is excited, you have received plenty of interest and registrations have started to come through. GREAT. BUT, at some point registrations slow down and suddenly 3 weeks have gone by and you have received NO registrations at all! You hit the PANIC button, and everyone gets concerned. What to do?

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Strategic Ideas on Attracting Visitors to Your Exhibition Stand – B2B Marketing Article

It is fair to say that LinkedIn Groups have lost steam and have become a junkyard of spam and can hardly be distinguished from the already crowded feed. BUT there is one group that is run properly, vetted well and always has a very good source of discussions for event professionals worldwide The Event Planning and Event Management Group. A recent discussion on the LinkedIn group got some momentum and I thought it would be worth sharing here. An event…

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How to market your webinar in 13 simple steps – B2B Marketing Article

Note: This post was updated and revised on February 2019. So webinars have been kicking around for a while now – but there are still plenty of B2B companies who are not leveraging this kind of video content! Webinars eradicate the barriers of time and geography and make it easy for anyone to access your content anytime, anywhere.

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