B2B Event Marketing

What to do if your event registrations become stagnant? 8 contingency actions you must take immediately – B2B Marketing Article

Your event has been launched, everyone is excited, you have received plenty of interest and registrations have started to come through. GREAT. BUT, at some point registrations slow down and suddenly 3 weeks have gone by and you have received NO registrations at all! You hit the PANIC button, and everyone gets concerned. What to do?

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A Detailed Guide on How to Launch a PPC Campaign For Your B2B Event – B2B Marketing Article

Launching a paid per click campaign is not as simple as paying an agency to do it or getting a member staff to simply spend a couple of hundred bucks on it and off they go. Before you launch a PPC campaign there are certain aspects that you need to cover, we split this into 4 key areas: Required PPC settings for your websites Required settings for your Landing Pages to guarantee PPC campaign success Required assets and materials before you launch…

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25+ Must Try Innovative Ideas on Promoting B2B Events Through Video – B2B Marketing Article

How do you promote your B2B event through video? I am talking about doing things beyond the usual boring panning of lanyards at the registration area, lots of people going through the doors, shaking hands, speakers on stage and packed rooms. My intention here is to offer some different perspectives and specific ideas that you can implement immediately. By the way, think about posting these videos on your website, twitter, social media, email messages with it and more importantly on…

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