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Why B2B Buying Cycles Are So Long – B2B Marketing Article

(The following is a post I published about two years ago. Since then, the number of people in the average B2B buying group has increased, and buying cycles are getting longer. New research by the Aberdeen Group explains why long buying cycles are still a fact of life for B2B marketing and sales professionals.) The Original Post New research reveals what influences B2B buying decisions and explains why the B2B buying process is getting longer. Earlier this month, Demand Gen…

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The Growing Personalization Conundrum for Marketers – B2B Marketing Article

For more than two decades, the value of personalization has been largely unquestioned in marketing circles. Most marketing leaders now view personalization as essential to marketing success, and providing personalized marketing messages and customer experiences has become a top priority in many companies. Several recent research studies have confirmed that marketers strongly believe personalization drives improved marketing performance, and that most are committed to making personalization a core component of their marketing efforts. For example: In the 2019 Trends in…

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