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Foodservice Branding Cheat Sheet | VantagePoint Marketing BlogVantagePoint Marketing – B2B Marketing Article

When people hear your brand name, what do they think of? Strong foodservice branding looks like finding the right place to stand between two polar opposites. On the one hand, customers are drawn to products and brands they perceive as having a long history of consistent quality. It’s less risky, for example, to buy food or kitchen equipment from a company that has made the same product for years, whose brand name makes you think of a particular product the…

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Should Your Company B2B Branding be Distinctive or Descriptive? 6 Lessons Learned – B2B Marketing Article

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to branding. Over the course of my career, first as a client-side marketing executive, then as a revenue-growth consultant to B2B companies, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in dozens of major branding projects (e.g. what to name a company or division) and many more minor branding projects (e.g. what to name a new or revised product). Often, the question comes up as to whether the company name/brand should be distinctive (unique) or…

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My Big, Fat Greek Branding Strategy — 3 Tips for Lead Generation – B2B Marketing Article

When creating a strategic marketing plan, it is easy to focus on the bottom line. Lead generation and nurturing are important because properly managing sales leads is the only true way to attribute marketing efforts to business success. However, an iconic line from the 2002 box office hit “My Big, Fat Greek Wedding” is echoing in my mind today. “Let me tell you something, Toula: The man is the head, but the woman is the neck, and she can turn…

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