RCS Messaging to Reach 24% of US Consumers by 2020 – Mobile Marketing Article

April 10, 2019 SMS Marketing Misc. RCS Business Messaging RCS business messaging is finally here, but how many U.S. consumers today can actually receive RCS business messages from their favorite brands? To answer this question, we reached out to the mobile marketing research experts at Mobilesquared, and asked them: What percentage of mobile phones today can receive an RCS business message? What is RCS business messaging? RCS stands for Rich Communication Services, and RCS messaging…

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How to get featured on the App Store Today tab – Growth Bug – Mobile Marketing Article

What featured apps and games have in common, and why getting featured is not always for the best Starting with iOS 11, Apple now publishes lists of apps and games on their main page. These are unique stories and collections that have been chosen by the Apple editors: new games, apps, custom collections and developers’ stories. They tell us how an app or a game can improve our reality, attract new users, and help us find out more about new…

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