How to make your mobile app go viral (on a low budget)? – Mobile Marketing Article

Smartphones have become an extension of our body. Many people cannot live without them (me included). That’s why creating your own mobile app can be a great move. Instagram, Snapchat, Uber and WhatsApp are all great examples. The question is how to make your own app go viral? How can you attract 10 000, 100 000 or even 1 000 000 users on a low budget? There is no bullet-proof process but this one has the highest chance of success.…

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How to build a profitable growth strategy for a mobile app. – Mobile Marketing Article

Those small parts refer to little changes that contribute to increase the steepness of a product’s growth curve. Those are no less than implementations of positive experimentations. To better understand how a profitable growth strategy can support your app downloads, let’s go through a recent experiment we took for an android app. PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION Analyzing Google Play data, we noticed that we were having a major issue on store listing conversion. We were receiving a lot of visitors, but just…

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