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App Store Connect: Holiday Shutdown 2019 – Mobile Marketing Article

Apple has announced the App Store Connect Holiday Schedule. During this time, App Store Connect will not accept any new apps or updates, so as to give Apple’s team time off to enjoy the holidays. Developers will want to keep this time frame in mind and plan their releases around it. App Store Holiday Shutdown The Holiday Shutdown is a week around the end of the year where App Store Connect stops accepting new apps and updates. Developers will still…

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How to Reply to App Store Reviews 🔍 – Mobile Marketing Article

In this article we’ll be going through not only how to reply to the reviews your app gets in the Apple App Store but also why it is so important to respond. It’s critical to your app’s success! Replying to App Store reviews can become a tedious manual task. This is especially true if you are receiving a large number of reviews every day. You can respond to users’ feedback through App Store Connect. But, there is actually an even…

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