App Growth Awards

Andy Carvell wins Outstanding Contribution at 2019 App Growth Awards – Mobile Marketing Article

At 2019 App Growth Awards in Berlin, apart from other awards, when there were 5 contenders to get an award, there was one award that stood out – the Outstanding Contribution award. That’s right – each year we get to choose people who are the best a particular year, but at the same time we ought to recognize people who have been on the front like of app marketing innovation for years. So who deserves a plaque in the App…

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Hannah Parvaz wins App Marketer 2019 at App Growth Awards 2019 – Mobile Marketing Article

As much as we like talking about app marketing techniques, trends, case studies and so on, people, practitioners should always get credit as the major driving force behind. App marketers are get to crack tough app marketing challenges and make sure brands and developers do reach the audience they’re looking for and do generate revenue with their apps. Online ad software scripts don’t get to be blamed for missteps and app bad performance, well even if they do – they…

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Fanbytes wins Influencer App Marketing Campaign at 2019 App Growth Awards – Mobile Marketing Article

Social media has become a crucial part of the social fabric that connects us all. Among hundreds of millions social media users, there are people who have massive followship of folks who are emotionally connected with them. These are Influencers. They are involved in social influencer marketing campaigns for various apps. Marketing agencies that connect app brands and influencers are Influencer Marketing agencies. At 2019 App Growth Awards multiple contenders were competing for the award. The Social Influencer App Campaign…

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