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How to Increase Brand Awareness and Visibility – B2B Marketing Article

Brand. It’s a word that is thrown around a lot, but what is it really? And how can you measure it to quantify its impact? Brands are the personality’ of a business, whether the business is a consumer good like soda or a professional service like accounting. The emotion, imagery, and associations a person connects with that company have generally been well thought out and planned by a team of people. Companies strive for positive associations with their company  —…

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Sales and Marketing Strategy for Professional Services: What Every Firm Needs to Know – B2B Marketing Article

Bringing in new clients is essential to the health of every professional services firm. And nothing is more central to the success of that endeavor than an effective sales and marketing strategy. This article will focus on how to develop a strategy for your firm. Let’s begin by clearing up some basic confusion: what is the difference between sales and marketing? Sales vs. Marketing in Professional Services Sales is about convincing your prospects buy your services. It’s about closing business…

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Why A B2B Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Strategy Must Be A Priority – B2B Marketing Article

Let’s face it, marketing resources—whether part of a large or small team—only have a certain amount of bandwidth each month to build or strengthen their brands, generate leads or demand, enhance their customer experiences, or to reach all of these goals. For many, the ultimate goal is to help increase/improve opportunity engagement throughout their funnels or pipelines. Unfortunately, to achieve these goals, marketers often have to adjust, adapt, and accelerate their marketing strategies and plans. Reaching the right buyers (especially…

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