Google can ban your apps from Play Store: Part 2 – Growth Bug – Mobile Marketing Article

I wrote part 1 about 4 years ago and till date it has garnered some 100k views making it one of the most popular story on Growthbug. I must have received emails from over 100 founders over 4 years asking for help when their apps got banned by Google Play Store. This clearly makes it one of the sought after topics and issue faced by the developers worldwide. In 4 years, Play Store has updated its developers’ policies several times…

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Top new features for Android App Developers announced at Google I/O 2019 – Mobile Marketing Article

Dynamic Delivery is now out of Beta — no need to bundle all features at install. Dynamically deliver certain features on-demand. Eg. Push customer service chat only when customer needs help Conditional Delivery allows developers to deliver some parts of the App based on country, device or SDK version. Eg. ship NFC payments module only if device supports it Internal app sharing — Now just upload your test build in Play Store and share URL with testers without worrying about any validations In-app updates — Now push app…

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How Flutter Looks Set to Transform Android and iOS App Development – Mobile Marketing Article

One of the primary concerns of mobile marketers across the world is ensuring that they have the ability to produce content and apps that are compatible with a range of platforms. However, their two top priorities are undoubtedly creating items that work on both Android and iOS. The two operating systems dominate the market, with figures from Q2 2018 suggesting that Android OS accounts for an 88 per cent share and iOS holds around 11.9 percent. While the likes of Microsoft…

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