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Google’s Interpretation Of GDPR Puts Publishers In An Untenable Position: Forrester Recommends Rebellion – B2B Marketing Article

The GDPR (or General Data Protection Regulation), Europe’s new data privacy regulation, applies to all organizations — including publishers — doing business with residents of the EU and takes effect on May 25. To learn more about the regulation, please have a look at this post or listen to our May 2017 podcast, “Countdown To GDPR.” The purpose of the new regulations is to give EU citizens and residents greater control over the use of their personal data, and that’s…

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Modernize Your Martech Stack for Moments – B2B Marketing Article

The world is changing and with it, consumers’ expectations of experiences and communication from brands. The paradigm for customer engagement is shifting from large, monolithic experiences that serve everyone to smaller, more contextual experiences served to consumers in just the moment they need them. Marketers must adopt the right strategy, operational best practices and technology to win, serve and retain customers in this new environment. Brands aren’t equipped to meet customers’ expectations today. Emerging technologies and shifting cultural norms fuel…

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