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Where Should Your Agency Focus Your New Biz Efforts In 2020? – B2B Marketing Article

This week RSW/US released its New Year Outlook 2020 Survey Report and based on the content, I think smaller, independent and/or specialist agencies will need to step up their biz dev game and learn to Sell Greatly this year or get left behind. Let’s talk about why. Clients Plan To Shrink Their Agency Rosters Charts from RSW/US New Year Outlook 2020 Survey Report According to the RSW/US report, companies that used to carry 5-6 agencies or more are finding it…

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The Role of Gratitude In The Client-Agency Relationship – B2B Marketing Article

Yesterday morning I had the pleasure of spending an hour with a group of men discussing gratitude — its role in our lives, how we should be teaching it to our children, its role in our religion (it was a prayer group) — and that got me to thinking about the role of gratitude in the Client-Agency relationship. Specifically, it got me to thinking — “How often (or maybe even have you ever) thanked your (speaking to myself) clients for…

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