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Connect, Manage, and Analyze Your Marketing Data » Martech Zone – Mobile Marketing Article

One project I’m continuing to work on for one of my clients is to build out marketing dashboards that provide some real data to make decisions on. If that sounds easy, it’s really not. It’s not easy. Every search, social, ecommerce, and analytics platform have their own means of tracking data – from engagement logic to returning or current users. Not only that, but most platforms don’t play well with pushing or pulling data to other platforms. Let’s face it……

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8 Best Practices To Follow » Martech Zone – Mobile Marketing Article

Competition is heating up on the platform though, and brands are looking to get the most out of their Instagram ad campaigns. One method brands are using to gauge engagement, and brand value is getting more likes. We are going to be talking about strategies that can improve the number of likes you can get for your ads on your brand account. Get more likes for Instagram ads Likes are critical to the success of any campaign on Instagram. It…

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