Process and Results for CXL – Marketing Article

The traditional blog format—regular, sequential publishing of diary-style entries—no longer makes sense for most businesses. To be honest, it never did. A B2B website that educates potential buyers isn’t a personal “weblog.” It doesn’t toss out unsubstantiated opinions. It doesn’t age the same way. The earliest articles may cover the most valuable topics, but our throwaway content culture lets older posts rot. If the philosophical argument doesn’t motivate you, search engines will. The CXL blog started in 2011 and, currently,…

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6 PPC Tactics for Account-Based Marketing – Marketing Article

PPC campaigns continue to become increasingly well-targeted. More and more companies are using tactics like single-keyword ad groups (SKAGs) and single-product ad groups (SPAGs). While those tactics may have differentiated your campaigns in the past, they no longer do (or won’t soon). One way to stand out is to go beyond keyword targeting and create PPC campaigns for specific targets—an account-based marketing (ABM) strategy. This post gives you six tactics to help execute PPC campaigns as part of an ABM…

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